Member Services Contacts


Contact Numbers

Home bankingMary @ 776-6954 or Sandy @ 776-6957
ATMsMary @ 776-6954
Debit CardsMary @ 776-6954 or Sandy @ 776-6957
CU TalkMary @ 776-6954 or Sandy @ 776-6957
Loan ProcessingLeigh Ann @ 776-6946
Investments and IRAsLeigh Ann @ 776-6946
Home Mortgage /
Home Equity
Kathy @ 776-6959
Share Drafts/
Matt @ 776-6932

All numbers can be dialed by area code (336) 519-7528 or Toll Free at (888) 222-7528 and then the extension.

HBI Employees need to dial 7 digits.

CU Talk (Banking by Phone)

With all the talk about “home banking” you would think it was something completely new. But not at Hanesbrands Credit Union! We’ve had “home banking” for some time now… we call it CU Talk. That means that 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, from any touch-tone phone, you can access your account – no matter where you are – home, office or on vacation. You have instant control of your accounts. All you need is a touch-tone phone and a PIN (Personal Identification Number). You can make inquiries on your accounts, make loan transfer payments, get information concerning any electronic funds activity on your account such as ATM, Audio, Point-of-Sale, ACH and Shared Service Centers, and request savings withdrawals by check.

CALL TOLL FREE 1-855-822-6448

  • You must use a touch-tone phone.
  • You must have your savings account number and PIN ready and handy.
  • Only an HBCU ICU Talk PIN will work with this system.
  • You must always key in dollars and cents.